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Over the Brink: Environmental Disaster antho

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  • Antho: Over the Brink: Environmental Disaster (plus two more anthologies in 2012)
  • Editor(s): Juliana Rew
  • Pay Rate: 2¢ USD/word
  • Response Time: 6 weeks
  • Reading Period: April 1-30, 2012
  • Description: Anthology with the theme of “Environmental Disaster,” to be published online-only on June 30, 2012
  • Submission Guidelines:

NOTE: Author D.L. Snell conducted the following interview to give writers a better idea of what the editors of this specific market are seeking; however, most editors are open to ideas outside of the preferences discussed here, as long as they fit the basic submission guidelines.

1) What authors do you enjoy, and why does their writing captivate you?
We like mainline SF/Fantasy writers like Kurt Vonnegut, Arthur C. Clarke, Dan Simmons, Connie Willis, and Vernor Vinge.

2) What are your favorite genres? Which genres would you like to see incorporated into submissions to this market?
We prefer an SF/Fantasy bent.

3) What settings most intrigue you? Ordinary or exotic locales? Real or fantasy? Past, present, or future?
We like exotic locales, but ordinary settings are fine if the story is speculative (for example, time travel) or the situation is out-of-the-ordinary.

4) Explain the type of pacing you enjoy, e.g. slow building to fast, fast throughout, etc.
We are publishing short stories, so a rather quick build up is desirable.

5) What types of characters appeal to you the most? Any examples?
We like humans who have a wry sense of humor and a problem-solving attitude. We also like intelligent aliens and creatures.

6) Is there a specific tone you'd like to set in your publication? What kind of voices grab you and keep you enthralled? Any examples?
We are looking for stories that revolve around age-old questions and have something instructive to tell us as human beings.

7) What is your policy for vulgarity, violence, and sexual content? Any taboos?
 A little vulgarity is ok where appropriate. No overly graphic depictions of rape and murder, please, although some death and destruction is expected for this collection.

8) What kind of themes are you seeking most in submissions to this market? In general, what themes interest you?
The current anthology is about environmental disaster, or the fixes we’ve gotten ourselves into. The next anthology (open for submissions on April 1, 2012) will be on the theme of “War.” The final anthology for 2012 will have the theme, “Origins.”

9) Overall, do you prefer downbeat or upbeat endings?
Either is fine. Also like endings with a twist.

10) Any last advice for submitters to this market? Any critical do's or do not's?
We are also interested in short humor pieces, which will be featured separately in the anthologies. These should also have an SF/Fantasy bent, preferably.

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D.L. Snell writes with Permuted Press. He edited Dr. Kim Paffenroth thrice, John Dies at the End once, and provided a constructive critique to Joe McKinney on his next major novel after Dead City, Apocalypse of the Dead. You can shoot D.L. Snell in the head at

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