Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Dunwoody

Kim Paffenroth wasn't the only guy I met at Horror Realm. I also met fellow Permuted Press author David "The Dunwoody" Dunwoody: a pretty cool dude.

I first came across Duwoody's work while editing Permuted's debut anthology THE UNDEAD. His contribution is titled "Grinning Samuel" and the titular character, who's mainly made of scrap metal, is one of Dunwoody's most popular. Quite cool considering that "Samuel" is Dunwoody's first published story. (Most of his ideas come from dreams, I guess. So I'm wondering: can we just film his dreams? Someone get on that.)

Way before Horror Realm, I ran into Dunwoody's work again while editing THE UNDEAD II and III. We also share space in the fourth UNDEAD: HEADSHOT QUARTET. So it was great to finally meet the guy.

We shared a ride from PIT to the convention hotel, and I got to ask The Dunwoody how awesome it was that Pocket Books was reissuing EMPIRE, his first novel, for their Permuted Press imprint. Kind of a rhetorical question, but... you've got to make small talk.

Obviously Dunwoody was excited. So excited that he brought the best prop of Horror Realm 2009: a 78" standee of his first-edition book cover--with a face hole, so fans could take pictures of themselves as Death...

Here's the new book cover from Pocket Books, plus ordering links:

Maybe if you pick up a copy, you can get an autograph from The Dunwoody himself at his next convention appearance. Here's his website if you want to watch for whenever that appearance might be:

If you met The Dunwoody at Horror Realm, or have read his work, comment below!


Cate Gardner said...

Love the new Empire cover... Thanks for sharing.

Dave Dunwoody said...

I love the new cover too. Can't fit another standee in here, but I'll display the book with pride!

It was a pleasure meeting you in Pittsburgh, DL. You're a fascinating guy and I hope we get the chance to hang out again.