Sunday, January 4, 2015

Terraform zine


Author D.L. Snell conducted the following interview to give writers a better idea of what the editors of this specific market are seeking. Snell does not proofread these answers in any way, so that writers can get a feel for the editors in charge.


1) Tell us a little about yourself and your career as an editor. Do you write as well?
We are both writers as well as editors; we both write fiction, do journalism, and edit a little of everything.

2) What authors do you enjoy? What about their work captivates you?
Lots. Gibson, Le Guin, Dick, Pynchon, Atwood, Asimov, Bester, Robinson—the list could go on. We admire any author that skillfully invokes the future to credibly reflect truths about the present.

3) Describe the ideal stories for this market.
Future-pointed stories that feel like they could be ripped from the blogroll of our technology-addled present; stories about the further future that extrapolate today's trends; dystopias, utopias, allegories, satire.

4) What types of characters appeal to you the most? Any examples?
Well-drawn ones. We hope to represent the full spectrum of humanity here.

5) Describe a few stories you’ve published previously and what made them stand out to you.
Easy enough to check out our roll of stories here, and see for yourself. Other than that, it's good writing above all, and smart renderings of plausible futures.

6) Any last advice for submitters? Any critical dos or don’ts?
The usual stuff: Read the stories we've published, include your bona fides, and follow the submission guidelines!

D.L. SNELL is an acclaimed novelist from the Pacific Northwest. His bestselling Pavlov’s Dogs series, co-authored with Thom Brannan, is available through Permuted Press. Snell also has had great success writing under the pen name David Jacob Knight.

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