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Live Free or Never Die antho

  • Antho: Live Free or Never Die: Speculative Fiction from the Granite State to the Stars
  • Editor(s): Rick Broussard
  • Pay Rate: $50
  • Response Time: 3 months
  • Description: Pulp-style short fiction in the genre of science fiction and strange tales, all set in New Hampshire
  • Submission Guidelines:

NOTE: Author D.L. Snell conducted the following interview to give writers a better idea of what the editors of this specific market are seeking; however, most editors are open to ideas outside of the preferences discussed here, as long as they fit the basic submission guidelines.

1) What authors do you enjoy, and why does their writing captivate you?
I enjoy reading the works of writers like Kurt Vonnegut and Ray Bradbury who have distinctive voices and who can make words do tricks at their command. On the other hand, I really admire the imaginative scope and durability of classic science fiction writers like Robert Heinlein and the rebel spirit of fantasists like Harlan Ellison.

2) What are your favorite genres? Which genres would you like to see incorporated into submissions to this market?
My very favorite genres are precisely the genres that this anthology covers: science fiction and strange Twilight Zone-style tales.

3) What settings most intrigue you? Ordinary or exotic locales? Real or fantasy? Past, present, or future?
I'm most intrigued by the workings of the human mind. After all, that's the setting where the story really takes place no matter if the environment is exotic or quotidian.

4) Explain the type of pacing you enjoy, e.g. slow building to fast, fast throughout, etc.
Short story pacing has to conform to an equation based the density of the story's essential plot points and the length of a sustainable arc for the narrative.

5) What types of characters appeal to you the most? Any examples?

I prefer protagonists who are somewhat out of their depth in whatever the situation is that they find themselves. I identify best with them. Other characters should possess more than one dimension unless it's a character from a place where there only is one dimension.

6) Is there a specific tone you'd like to set in your publication? What kind of voices grab you and keep you enthralled? Any examples?
I want the tone to be colorful and alluring and maybe a little tawdry.

7) What is your policy for vulgarity, violence, and sexual content? Any taboos?
I'll edit out anything too extreme. I think shooting for PG 13 is probably a good idea but I'm always willing to bend rules for good writing. Past volumes have had their share of all of the above.

8) What kind of themes are you seeking most in submissions to this market? In general, what themes interest you?
Science fiction invites high concepts and I welcome those, but writers get extra points for actually taking the NH portion of the title seriously. The Granite State should be at least a secondary or parallel theme in every story.

9) Overall, do you prefer downbeat or upbeat endings?
No preference.

10) Any last advice for submitters to this market? Any critical do's or do not's?
Put your contact information on the manuscript.

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D.L. Snell writes with Permuted Press. He edited Dr. Kim Paffenroth thrice, John Dies at the End once, and provided a constructive critique to Joe McKinney on his next major novel after Dead City, Apocalypse of the Dead. You can shoot D.L. Snell in the head at

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