Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LOST final season

If you are not current with the TV show LOST, do not read this. And I mean current, as in fourth episode, final season. (Heh, who am I kidding: if you're not caught up, you won't even understand this...)

The "candidates" are vying for multiple positions, not just one. If Jacob needs to be replaced, so does his entire cabinet... eventually: his Richard, his Ben; his Friendly. No single man can protect the island. Not by himself, he can't.

So Jack is there, the martyr, the saint; the spinal surgeon. But he can't plan and reason quite as well as Sawyer--the only guy left who can plan like Jacob, with the tendencies of Ben.

And what would island life be without lucky-charm Hurley? He thinks he's bad luck, but he's not. (Remember the death-defying road trip he took with Charlie?)

Not to racially profile here, but would Jin replace Dogen? Would Sun??? She knows her medicinal herbs. And her English.

Who would John Locke stand in for? What spiritual adviser?

And what if they could all just get along? Balance the scales?

See, that single image right there lends a lot of credence to the theory that black and white are supposed to work in unison, not in imbalance. In love, like Rose and Bernard.

Maybe someday they'll all go back there to that cabin by the ocean for a cup of tea.

What if the flashsideways is perfect? The characters' lives fulfilling, full of love? A much better life than the one they led on the island. Perfect. Everything beautiful, and nothing hurts. What if?

Then what if they remember the island???

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PermutedPress said...

I like the idea that maybe they're all going to end up joint protectors of the island. But I also have a feeling not all of the primary Losties are going to live through the end of the season, so I don't know how it will play out exactly.

I think they want us to think the new timeline is perfect and everyone is happy and living the good life. But there are some big flaws showing (and I imagine we'll see more). The biggest crack so far being Locke's lack of faith. I think that's a big problem for the new timeline.

D.L. Snell said...

Great points, PP!

I agree: some main cast members must die. What did the previews say, seasons ago? The island demands sacrifice?

You're probably correct about the alt timeline too. There will definitely be substantial things missing: Locke will be happy and fulfilled and married to his love--I'm guessing--but something very important will be gone.