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BrokenSea Audio Productions


Call for submissions from Taylor Kent, AKA The Snarky Avenger:

Recently I have been doing a lot more with the creation of both audio fiction and audio drama, and have become a member of a great amateur audio creation organization called BrokenSea Audio Productions (BSAP).

Starting 1 October 2008 we at BSAP would like to have enough audio content (Audio Drama, short story and poetry readings, etc.) to release 100 new items during the second annual BSAP Halloween podcast. Writers can submit one or two short stories, poems or other Halloween/horror-themed writings for BSAP to adapt as readings or full cast audio dramas. Here is a link to last year’s BSAP Halloween podcast.

This is a great opportunity to reach people with your work that might not have heard of you or seen anything you have published before. So if you are interested, send an email to me, Taylor Kent (snarkdogg[at], or to BSAP directly at exec[at]

Here are the details... Please read them before you agree to anything.

BSAP cannot pay for the use of your material, but you will get full credit for your work and we will add a link to your website or wherever you like on the podcast page and in the audio as well.

All BSAP productions are produced by volunteers and no income is derived from any material on the website.

Unless requested otherwise we will use our pool of voice actors to complete readings. If you would like to read your own work and have your reading included we would be happy to work with you. The same applies to podsafe music used in each production.

All Brokensea audio files are produced under a Creative Commons License, so they can be freely distributed provided credits are intact and material is not sold. All materials remain the property of the author or copyright holder. Brokensea will only hold the audio file content under CC Licensing.

All audio files will remain freely available on our website and via the BSAP iTunes feeds.

We also provide several short audio promos for the BSAP Halloween Season, available upon request. Thirty seconds to one minute in length, the promos are perfect for Myspace pages and other promotional sites.

Please send inquiries and material for reading/production to exec[at] and Taylor Kent, snarkdogg[at]


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