Thursday, March 20, 2008

What would YOU ask the editors?

First, thanks to everyone who visits and supports D.L. Snell’s Market Scoops. Both Hellnotes and have been gracious enough to incorporate the service into their sites, and you writers have diligently spiked my traffic statistics. I’m glad everyone enjoys the interviews, and I’m hoping you might help me make this place a little better.

I want to know what you, the writers, would like me to ask editors. My usual questions are listed below. If you think of any additions or revisions to the questionnaire, please comment on this post. If I feel the suggestions will help mine golden information from the editors, or help sift out useless questions, I will incorporate them into the interview. Hopefully this will help us chip into the mother lode.

Thanks again for showing such great support for D.L. Snell's Market Scoops!

1) What authors do you enjoy and what is it about their writing that captivates you?

2) What are your favorite genres? Which of these genres would you like to see incorporated into submissions to this market?

3) What settings most intrigue you? Ordinary or exotic locales? Real or fantasy? Past, present, or future?

4) Explain the type of pacing you enjoy, e.g. slow building to fast, fast throughout, etc.

5) What type of characters appeal to you the most? Any examples?

6) Horror and violence can be blatant or suggestive. Which one do you prefer and why?

7) In fiction and in life, what do you find most horrific?

8) What are the top three things submitters to this market should avoid?

9) What attribute are you seeking most in submissions to this market?

10) Any last advice for submitters to this market?


Martel said...

How about:

Are there commonalities among the stories you've rejected?

Is there a particular aspect that authors seem to get wrong?

If you reject a story, are you interested in seeing a revised version or do you only want revisions upon request?

D.L. Snell said...

Thanks, Martel! Your questions will be included in the next Market Scoop!

Anonymous said...

Great site, and a terrific idea.

Some practical questions:

How do you feel about "objectionable" language in a story submitted to you?

What are your feelings about sexual content? Assuming the story itself is not a sex/erotica story, but does have one or more scenes of sexuality integral to the story, what is acceptable to you? PG? PG-13? R? X-rated?

Do you prefer downbeat or upbeat endings, or not have a preference?

D.L. Snell said...

Thanks, Ralph! I plan to incorporate these questions, slightly reworded, in the next Market Scoop. You, of course, will get credit, and your byline will link to your site.